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Estate Planning

Estate PlanningEstate AdministrationCaveats

Estate Planning and Wills are not just for the super wealthy. Anyone who wishes to appoint a guardian for their children, make specific bequests, and assist their loved ones upon their passing should have a Will.

Having your Will prepared can be a simple process. Generally, we meet with out clients and review our internally developed Estate Planning Intake Questionnaire. Upon completion of same, we will review your goals for the estate planning process and discuss the best way for you to achieve your goals. Afterwards, you will return to our office to review and sign your documents.

Wills & Estate PlanningRevising Your Estate Plan

It is a fact of life, things change. There are several distinct times when you should review your existing Estate Planning documents because of a significant change such as those listed below, or simply for your own peace of mind. Often, a Codicil may be sufficient to update or supplement your existing documents. If any of the following changes have occurred in your life, you should review your estate plan:

Checklist of Documents for your Free Consultation
(Include spousal information if applicable)

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