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Contractor Disputes and Contract Review

There is a reason they are called contractors – the construction process relies on contracts.

Your potential or present contractor probably has an attorney, after all, someone had to form their business and write their contract. Even if your contractor purchased his contract from the internet, it was still written by a lawyer for contractors. Do your homework before hiring a contractor and do not be afraid to seek legal counsel.

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In any home improvement, there are three legal stages:

  1. Before a contract is signed – This is often the least expensive time to hire an attorney. An attorney can guide you though the applicable laws, regulations, and protections. Be wary of contractors who tell you that you don’t need a permit – the homeowner is always responsible for permitting.
  2. After signature but before a breach has been declared - It is difficult to know when to stay with an underachieving contractor and when the time is right to find a new one. The answer is a legal one based upon the law, the contract, and the provable facts. If you believe that your agreement has been breached, we can ensure that your rights are effectively preserved.
  3. After the breach – Did your contractor just walk off the job? Were you right to throw them off the job? Either way, your probably in for a fight and considering that your contractor probably has been through this before and you haven’t, getting legal help is an absolute necessity.

Few problems can be more frustrating than disputes with your home improvement contractors. These situations are often delicate and the odds are usually stacked against you. Fortunately, there are laws in place to protect you, if you know where to look.

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