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Debt Collections

Debt Collections

Delinquent receivables can hinder the operations and productivity of any business. In addition to causing strain on your operating budget and wasting time better spent on building your business. When called upon to assist clients, we help by performing the following collection related services:

Staiti & DiBlasio accepts Judgment Collection cases on Contingency. Contact Staiti & DiBlasio today to schedule your free initial Judgment Collection consultation.

Why use an attorney versus a collection agency?

Collection agencies may be an option for larger businesses that can afford the alienation from clients that often results from their overly aggressive tactics, but these same tactics may produce unwanted publicity for small businesses that value each client. Only an attorney can review and draft your underlying contracts and credit applications, and collection effort procedures. By doing this, we can guide you through the myriad of Federal and State Laws and Regulations regarding proper collection methods. This ensures compliance, so you can collect payments, recover your collection costs, and you don’t have to defend a credit collections violation action filed by the same people who owe you money. Having an attorney handle these matters is an efficient way to recapture overdue debts and ensures that your business maximizes its collections efforts in a lawful manner.

Staiti & DiBlasio realizes that many receivables may have become a collection matter because of a dispute between you and your client. While we may not be able to mend all fences, we can accurately and quickly access the relative strengths and weaknesses of your situation. This approach may help you avoid litigation and reach an amicable resolution, preserving your relationship with your clients and customers. However, when this is not the case, we can file and prosecute your collection matter, vigorously defend frivolous countersuits, and use all of the tools available through the courts to ultimately secure your collections.

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